Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back in the saddle

My my, it's so... quaint... up here in Northern California. I mean, honestly, what does a girl have to do to get an uber-luxury car around here?

Apparently that bad boy is one of several this guy owns (it was parked in front of his boutique on Rodeo).

HD and I spent most of the day Friday in search of celebrities. HD kept pointing at plain old beautiful people wearing odd clothes and saying, "Is that a celebrity? I think I just saw a celebrity!"

Me: Who do you think you just saw?
HD: A star.

Anyway, we didn't spend all of the last four days in Beverly Hills. We were staying in Santa Barbara for the Thanksgiving holiday. Yup, Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant... that's a first for me. We biked along the beach on borrowed beach cruisers, ate breakfast at the Pierre Lafond Bistro, shopped up and down State Street... it was so much fun.

And I'm sorry to say, but the SoCal Ugg Monstrosity is still alive and well. I wish people would stop flogging that deceased equine. I think I first saw that trend, oh, 4 years ago? Yes, when I was visiting friends in San Luis Obispo and Irvine that January. The most memorable was a man in his early forties, balding, wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, plaid golf shorts, and tan Ugg boots up to his calves. Why? No, seriously, why? This makes as much sense to me as puffy vests. Do your arms and knees not get cold?

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