Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Cure: The Interview

I mentioned the Apartment Therapy 8-Week Cure a few days ago; the first task of The Cure is to answer a questionnaire about your personal tastes. Well, it's your lucky day; I'm doing my questionnaire right here!

  1. Actress: Audrey Hepburn, Julianne Moore, Diane Keaton
  2. Actor: Colin Firth, Bradley Whitford
  3. Writer: Richard Russo, Ray Carver, Lorrie Moore
  4. Artist: Marc Chagall, Natasha Wescoat
  5. Music: Folk Rock
  6. Restaurant: Barefoot Cafe, Tower Cafe
  7. Automobile: Volkswagen New Beetle (but I will never own one again)
  8. Television Show: Gray's Anatomy
  9. Clothing (designer or store): Anthropologie
How would you describe your style? (3 words)
  1. Creative
  2. Unique
  3. Bohemian
Personal History

Where have you lived?
  1. Where you were born: Mountain View, CA
  2. Where you grew up: Citrus Heights, CA
  3. As an adult: Marin County, CA
Whom would you consider a role model? My aunt

What three qualities describe the qualities that you admire in this person?
  1. Creative
  2. Hospitable
  3. Resourceful

What is the problem with your apartment (3 words)?
  1. Cluttered
  2. Non-cohesive style
  3. Furniture doesn't work for the space
If your apartment could speak, what would it say is the problem?

I'm very old, but I can have a new life.

What one thing would you like to do or do more of in your apartment?

Write, paint, and bead - I have a good writing desk, but not really a good place to spread out with paints and my bead kit. The kitchen table is unstable because the floor is uneven, and besides, it's always covered with a tablecloth and junk.

Eight weeks from now, when this project is done, if friends and family came to visit, how would you like them to describe your home (3 words)?
  1. Fun
  2. Comfortable
  3. Warm

Well, that took a while, but let's see where it takes me. The remaining part of the chapter explains what these answers mean to me, and how I should proceed.

I'm going to try to do this on weekdays, after work, so that I can enjoy my apartment on weekends.

1 comment: said...

If your aunt could speak, what would she say is the problem?

I'm very old, but I can have a new life.

(I think my cornices have caved in. Can someone get out the putty and fill in some of those cracks? And call the roto-rooter fella while you're at it.)