Thursday, January 14, 2010

Overheard on the bus

A blonde little boy about 3 years old was riding the 41 home with his dad tonight. He was such a good little boy, perfectly happy to play excitedly with his daddy's iPhone, occasionally exclaiming at whatever he was seeing onscreen. Who knows, maybe it was nothing. His dad was so nice, just watching the boy play and talking to him quietly.

By the time we crossed Van Ness on Union Street, the boy seemed to know it was time to get off the bus, and he stood up, holding his dad's hand. Again, he was excitable, probably a sudden surge of energy before he went home and crashed in a blaze of toddler exhaustion.

"Yay! Ha ha! Going home, going home! Daddy! Daddy! Are you my daddy?!"

And his dad, without skipping a beat... "I sure hope so!"

The back of the bus stayed quiet for about two seconds and then burst into laughter.

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Sara said...

Ha ha! That is soooo funny! I sure hope so. I can just picture everyone laughing. Nice.