Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just south of Nonsense and east of WTF

Scene: It's after lunch, and I'm reassigning some defects to my friend Britt. We're discussing the matter over IM.

Britt: I actually knew you meant defects, I was playing dumb
Britt: I'm good at that
Britt: If I may toot my own horn
Me: I'm confused why you would play dumb about something like that, but who am I to judge? We must get our jollies where we can.
Me: In these turbulent economic times.
Britt: EXACTLY. Turbulent
Me: Tempestual, even.
Britt: Turbulencia
Me: I went there for Spring Break my sophomore year of college.
Me: Good times.
Britt: What did it smell like?
Me: Napalm, predominantly.
Me: And shame.
Britt: I love the smell of napalm and shame in the morning.
Me: The two are pretty much synonymous.
Britt: Agent orange and shame
Me: One begat the other.
Britt: The chicken or the egg?
Me: The world may never know.

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