Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year

December 6 was my last post? SRSLY? How sad.

My company gives us a "Week of Rest" between Christmas and New Years every year. Well, since that was a particularly well-positioned week this year, we got 2 weeks. Weeks of Rest, I've been calling it. I was barely home. I spent a week in Sacramento with the family, laughing and having a really great, relaxing time. I haven't been that relaxed back home in a long time. It was great. I just kept extending my stay, because really, what did I have to do here? Nothing, that's what.

I came home for about 36 hours to pack my things after Christmas, and then went back to see the Oregon contingent and then fly to Seattle to see my dear dear dear friend. What a great trip. Seattle is so beautiful. We went to a silly New Year's Eve party where the drink list was composed entirely of things mixed with champagne, went snowshoeing in the Cascades, played games, and just generally vegged out. It was great.

All in all, Weeks of Rest were so rejuvinating that I was downright excited to come back to work and see my peeps. I love my peeps.

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